Which Type Of Employee Behaviors Should You Celebrate & Reward?

Which Type Of Employee Behaviors Should You Celebrate & Reward?

Oftentimes, recognition and rewards in the corporate world are based on an activity’s tangible outcome. Closing a big account, reducing the time of answering support tickets or hitting sales quotas are some of the events that employees expect to be rewarded for. But if you give you this a second thought, you will realize that these achievements are actually part of the job. In fact, it is why you hire them in the first place.

Although a big part of why an employee succeeds at their job is due to the enjoyable achievements they can get while working with their colleagues, recognizing their efforts in countless little ways contributes to the company culture as well. If you are having trouble with reward or recognition systems, perhaps you should implement a system based on the behaviors of your employees. Note that when we talk about rewards, it does not always have to be monetary based. In fact, rewards can be in the form of a positive comment! Here are some of the great employee behaviors to look out for:

Employees who show natural cheerleading qualities

Employees who recognize and cheer on each other are considered to be diamonds in the rough. They are also not too competitive to the point where they are bothered about making their colleague look too good which jeopardizes their own chances of being the man of the match. These individuals have the makings of a leader and should be recognized as a result.

Collaborative behavior

If you are an employer, you will agree that you get a good feeling when you see everyone working together in harmony and are willing to give each other a helping hand when someone needs it without the expectation of a reward. As it is unusual for someone to list out all the times they have helped their team or department during the course of a working year in their performance review, it’s always good to celebrate this particular behavior.

Show signs of reasonableness

You will agree that being able to work with someone who is reasonable enough to change their minds during a discussion, by logic and reason, is probably some of the best people to work with. However, most individuals that make up today’s workforce are usually the opposite. They will tend to put their feet down and say obstinate things like “this is the way something has to be done, since it has always been done that way”.  This tends to frustrate people who genuinely want to fix a problem or improve a process. If you spot someone who is reasonable to listen to the feedback of others and make the appropriate changes, you will know he or she is a winner.

Willing to admit one’s own blunder

Many mistakes that occur in a workplace are usually caused by human error.  The humility it takes to admit one’s own blunder is often sufficient to forgive someone.  It is indeed a refreshing chance when someone actually owns up to a mistake and is willing to take accountability to make things right. This again is another good behavior of an exceptional employee.

As you can see, mentioned earlier are the few employee behaviors that can be used as indicators for rewarding and recognition purposes. Every company is unique and there are of course other traits that are eligible to be recognized when it comes to human resources management. Think about your company culture and make your workplace a really positive one today!