What It Takes To Win The HR Race In 2016

What It Takes To Win The HR Race In 2016

The Human Resources department serves an important role within companies, but for a long time, it has been seen primarily as a place for administrative tasks. There is an increasing demand for HR to engage and support the rest of the company to a greater degree, in a manner that allows them to connect to the workforce. Below are some tips which will allow the HR people win the HR race in 2016:

Network More Frequently

One way for the HR department to improve is by leaving its comfort zone so that it can network and collaborate with other departments to solve problems. Events can be routinely held where the department can share ideas and learn new ways to operate. HR is a sector which is constantly evolving, and to remain competitive it is important to keep up-to-date on the newest changes that are occurring.

Reduce Administration Work

Many HR departments are bogged down by high administrative overheads. They often deal with time consuming tasks which prevent them from focusing on things which are more strategic and important. Instead of following management around for appraisals or dealing with unimportant queries, it is much better to reduce administrative overhead. One ways of accomplishing this is through HR software that can take care of all the grunt work so that the department can focus on tasks which are truly important. This software allows employees to handle their data while automating other functions.

Invest in Departmental Development

It is essential for HR to be on the cutting edge of their sector. The best way to achieve this is through a pro-active philosophy for improvement. A common problem with HR is that they spend so much time emphasizing the development of other departments that their own development is left by the wayside. HR should create a plan to acquire more skills over the course of the year. Some areas for development can include project management, finance or the drafting of reports. Anything that will assist the department and company should be considered valuable.

Understand what the Management Wants

The company leaders have priorities to fulfill; and it is important for HR to be aligned with them. Should the company leaders decide to expand into new markets, increase market share, or roll out new products or services, HR must make sure they’re in the loop. This will allow the department to give HR data which is necessary for the leadership to make good business decisions while supporting HR initiatives. HR analytics in particular is extremely important, because it can provide critical information which can highlight gaps in skills that could weaken the company’s policy and goals.

For instance, data which is compiled involving exit interviews can allow the company to better determine why these employees are leaving. Additionally, analytics make it easier for departments and workers to collaborate in ways that lead to innovation and success. To succeed in 2016, HR must operate on a strategic level, overcoming past behaviors which are self-limiting.