Understanding Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Understanding Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

It is every worker’s right to feel safe at work. Understanding the negative implications of sexual harassment can help you make the company a safer place for all employees. Most victims of sexual abuse at work do not make formal complaints because they are not aware of their rights. In some cases, the people who perpetrate the abuse are also unaware that what they are doing is a form of harassment and that it is punishable by law.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment happens not only when a person is subjected to sexual advances or is forced to do sexual favors. It comes in many forms such as saying sexual things about another person, making dirty jokes even when other people have already reprimanded, and making offensive comments that may be sexual in nature. At the workplace, there is sex abuse when the employee is asked to participate in sexual acts in return of promotions or continuation of employment.

Victims of Sexual Abuse

It is essential that you know that sexual abuse does not happen only to women. Both genders can be a victim of sex abuse in the workplace. The case could also be between the same genders. In short, both men and women can file a complaint when there are co-workers, no matter what gender or how high the position is in the company, who commit sexual violations.

What Can Be Done About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

Employers have to be proactive in addressing this concern. Educating employees about their rights to complain against sexual abuse can go a long way. Being actively involved in combating this misconduct will prevent, or at least minimize, such situation to happen.

In case of any complaint that is categorized as sexual abuse, the company has to be fair and must conduct an investigation and make appropriate actions as the law mandates.

Other Forms of Office Abuse

Other than sexual abuse, there are other unprofessional behaviors that must be deterred in the workplace. Bullying and office politics can destroy an employee’s morale and will result to being less productive at work. There can also be legal repercussions if these kinds of abuse within the company are not eliminated.

Aside from all forms of harassment, the employees must also be protected against compensation errors. Your employees are the backbone of the company thus the need to assure them that all their hard work must be paid off fairly and in time. Worker’s compensation solutions can reduce mistakes that could do a lot of damage like uncovered medical bills and being underpaid.

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