Top Signs Indicating That Your Employees Are Unhappy

Top Signs Indicating That Your Employees Are Unhappy

Most business owners concern themselves with customer satisfaction, and while this is important, the satisfaction of employees is equally so. These are the people that often work directly with customers, and when they become unhappy, this will lead to unhappiness among customers, which will ultimately lead to a decline in sales.  Unfortunately, too many business owners are indifferent to how their employees feel, which can be detrimental to the long term success of their company. Below are some warning signs to watch for.

Your Business Has High Turnover Rates

Companies which have large numbers of employees quitting should be a cause for concern to company managers and executives. This is a clear sign that employees are unhappy with their work environment, and any business which sustains large losses of their workforce simultaneously will experience a corresponding drop in productivity which results in lost revenues. Exit interviews can be used to determine why employees are quitting, if they choose to do them at all.

You’re Experiencing Problems With Attendance

One common sign of unhapy employees are attendance issues. Since they don’t like the work they’re doing or the work environment they will take every opportunity to avoid being in it. This means high rates of absenteeism, lunch breaks which are longer than they should be, and tardiness. These employees will often have a lot of sick days. Their deterioration in attendance adversely impacts other workers, who then have to cover for them and carry an additional load, which makes them resentful and then the process repeats itself.

Customers Complain Constantly

Once poor morale and dissatisfaction sets in among a group of workers, the quality of customer service they provide will decline precipitously. Customers and clients who pick up on this will begin complaining frequently, which should be seen as a warning sign by supervisors. Even worse is the possibility of conflict among employees or an increased likelihood of workplace accidents due to inattentiveness. Managers must get to the bottom of these complaints and they must do so fast.

Work Quality Declines

Employees that are unhappy will not work as hard. This will lead to a noticeable drop in productivity and too many managers respond by simply firing that worker. But if the unhappiness stems from policies that are being implemented by the company, which other employees don’t like, firing workers over it will only lead to a loss of morale among other workers and their productivity levels will drop as well.

Work which is sloppy or poor in quality could also be caused by conflicts among co-workers or personal issues at home. Regardless, if allowed to continue it will adversely impact the company in a manner that will ultimately cause a drop in revenues. A single employee that displays a bad attitude is one thing, but when a group of employees become negative, this is a serious problem that must be resolved as soon as possible. While many managers are quick to discipline, doing so without understanding the underlying factors that is causing the bad behavior won’t resolve the issue in a meaningful way.