Tips For Implementing An Employee Referral Program

Tips For Implementing An Employee Referral Program

A good employee referral program is essential to attracting the top workers who share your organization’s mission statement. However, the best referral program in the world is meaningless if it is not implemented properly. Here are some tips for implementing it the right way.

Provide Lucrative Incentives

Bonus off days and financial rewards are just a few of the benefits you can offer which will motivate employees to get involved with referrals. The most successful programs are typically those which give bonuses to both the candidate as well as the employee who referred them. Others pay out bonuses once a retention period has passed, which can last from a few months to a year. Incentives are often more cost effective than job postings or paying third party search firms.

Offer Priority Positions

Priority positions are specific job functions within a company that must be filled as soon as possible. Such jobs can be showcased in newsletters, meetings or the company intranet. Employees who learn about these positions will sometimes be able to make a connection between the position and a person they know that can fill it.

Establish A Referral Toolkit For Employees

Establishing an effective referral toolkit will first require you to train your employees. They should be taught how to identify potential candidates and make contact. This could be done by email, which employees could share with their contacts, or they can be distributed through social media. No matter which medium you choose, it is important to make sure that the job description is professionally presented and that your top workers are able to distribute it on your behalf. Human resources managers should know that a referral toolkit which is user-friendly is a toolkit that will succeed.

Hold Short Meetings

A short meeting(also known as a sourcing jam), can be set up to determine whether existing employees know of someone that would be an optimal choice for a specific job opening.  Such meetings should last for longer than 15 minutes and can be very effective when there is priority positions which must filled. The meeting should be held in a casual environment where coffee or other snacks can be provided to make everyone relaxed. Sourcing jams are popular because many employees when left to themselves will not voluntarily make a recommendation for a job opening either because they are too busy or don’t know about the position.

Promote And Recognize Employees That Provide Referrals

While financial incentives will certainly motivate employees to provide referrals, another important benefit you can offer is recognition and promotions. Those who provide the most referrals should be considered for promotions to management or even executive positions, as they provide a valuable service to the company by recruiting top talent. The most successful referrers also demonstrate a keen understanding of the company’s values and mission statement, making them a natural fit for more prestigious positions.

Recruiting quality employees isn’t easy. Many lack the education, discipline, motivation or skill that is needed to effectively perform the jobs, which means that employers must become creative in identifying those workers that can.