Is Your Time And Labor Management System Worth The Investment?

Is Your Time And Labor Management System Worth The Investment?

Logistics professionals are in a constant search to discover new ways of leveraging their time and labor management system. The capabilities of such systems are increasing while becoming more oriented to both decision support and management. Here are the most important things that a labor management system should provide.

Offer Performance Feedback In Real-time

Systems which provide regular access to analytics and reports will give you feedback which is objective and precise. This data can then be used for training and will show employees how they are doing and the areas in which improvement is necessary. Advanced management modules also have the ability to automate coaching and monitoring sessions, scheduling follow-ups as needed. This allows for superior engagement between management and employees while fomenting greater dialogue regarding performance.

Produce The Data Needed For Critical Decision Making

A system with a good dashboard will give you the ability to view KPIs in a multitude of ways, offering data in real time and the ability to drill down either vertically or horizontally.  The system you use should allow data to be transformed into items which are actionable so that managers can make business decisions which are sounder.

Provide Management With Greater Mobility And Versatility

Mobile friendly technology that is placed in the hands of managers will allow them to spend more time on the floor as opposed to in the office. This enhances their ability to observe the activities of their subordinates while coaching them. The best systems can even review specific performance metrics which you designate and then send you regular updates whenever you want them, via text or email.

Track Time Accurately

The importance of accurately tracking time cannot be overstated. The most robust systems are simple to use and will help companies of all sizes phase out inefficient and outdated time tracking tools. With the technology available today there is no reason why any HR department should be collecting payroll data manually, and by switching to these newer systems you will save your staff many hours of processing payroll.

Top of the line systems will do even more, providing you with greater insight into the labor patterns of your workers, which will result in significant savings for costs related to indirect and direct labor. Equally important, accurate time tracking tools will get rid of problems such as time theft, unapproved overtime and buddy punching. Federal and state regulations regarding wages are in a constant state of change, so these systems will be periodically updated to reflect them.

Monitor Incentive Metrics To Reward And Retain Your Employees

The industry’s best management systems offer an incentive module that will assist you in establishing and monitoring incentive metrics regarding quality, productivity, costs and utilization. This will ensure that your staff remains in step with the goals and objectives of your operation. Recommendations can be provided regarding best practices which will ensure that the best employees are rewarded for performing at the level you expect and demand.