It’s Time For Employers To Know The Generation Z

It’s Time For Employers To Know The Generation Z

Generation Z is the name given to the generation who succeed the Millennials, who were born during or after 1993. While the Millennials grew up in the late 1970s and 80s and experienced a world without the Internet, Generation Z (at least in developed countries) has had Internet access from the beginning of their lives. This is one of the key things that make them distinct, but there is other things about them that employers should be aware of.

Generation Z At a Glance

Generation Z makes up about 2 billion people in the world’s population. However, only about 60 million within this group has had access to advanced technology. Most are now in high school with some entering their freshman years in college. The oldest of this generation which was born in 1993 is beginning to enter the workforce.

Generation Z has specific characteristics that make them unique as employees. Due to the fact that many of them have had internet access from the time they were old enough to read and write means they have a preference for digital communication. Text messaging, online chat and social networks will be more popular among this group than anything that is printed on paper. Additionally, Generation Z works best when they have a constant stream of info coming their way.

Generation Z Are Visual Learners

This generation learns things visually and they will always have a smartphone with them. Digital communication is a second language for them and they regularly socialize with their peers around the world, usually through social media. This group prefers a work environment where communication is open and encouraged. Text messaging is more popular than email.

Generation Z may also display poor social skills when compared to older generations, which may not thrill employers. This is a result of their preference of communicating by text. One way to solve this challenge is for employers to establish programs which are designed to develop these skills. The strongest characteristic of this generation is their thirst for knowledge and desire to grow. Employers should expect members of this generation to ask numerous questions, but if the answers given aren’t straightforward they could become frustrated.

Generation Z Is Entrepreneurial

This generation is one that prefers crowdsourcing. The most disciplined members of this generation enjoy being entrepreneurs and will start businesses of their own. When hired as employees they will work best if their superiors provide them with greater autonomy and the ability to solve problems through creative solutions. Generation Z is one that won’t respond well to being micromanaged. Give them a task to complete and then let them use their own ingenuity to solve it and you will often be impressed by the results. This generation will also thrive in situations where they are encouraged to express themselves and the ideas they have. Due to the many recessions and economic challenges that have occurred through their lives members of Generation Z accept financial uncertainty as a fact of life and are highly adaptable as a consequence.