The Advantages Of Online Enrollment For Employee Benefits

The Advantages Of Online Enrollment For Employee Benefits

Some employees may feel that open enrollment can be a stressful experience for them as they are subjected to a fixed deadline to make decisions that might affect their families for the following year. They may feel confused and pressured about making the right choices. However, allowing them to prepare in advance, communicating with them regularly as well as utilizing an online enrollment platform can help you make open enrollment much easier for your valued employees.

The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America conducted a survey, and results showed that more than 90% of the employees who were surveyed reported that their experience with online enrollment was very easy. Those who stuck with traditional paper-based enrollment methods did not say the same. Environmental benefits, time savings and convenience are some of the key drivers of the employees’ preference for online enrollment.

Prepare Your Business for Success

Many vendors that manage employee benefits often offer online enrollment capabilities, and sometimes with the help of a third party provider. In any case, they will provide you with the necessary information about technical requirements such as browser specs or other tools like a PDF reader. You should consider performing a test run before the commencement of an open enrollment season to ensure everything is working the way it should. It will be useful to get some employees to test out the system as well.

If some of your employees do not have access to a computer at home or work, your vendor may be able to provide some computers they can use. Do note that some employees may still want to use paper enrollment forms and you should find ways to accommodate them. When your employees require special assistance, your benefits counselors may also provide one-on-one sessions to assist your employees with their enrollment decisions. When they receive help like this, they tend to understand their benefits options better and know how best to work with online enrollment processes.

Reduce Traditional Paperwork

Handling paperwork can be a hassle for large companies, especially during open enrollment seasons. If you make the move to keep everything online and in an electronic format, you can reduce paper load and make it easier to generate reports throughout the entire year.

Enjoy the Benefits that Customization Provides

Many employees try not to wade through a huge chunk of information that does not apply to them, as it is a simple waste of time and confusing as well. Online enrollment platforms can be designed and programmed to calculate the eligibility of the correct options and then display the listings that apply to the employee.

Increased Security and Accuracy

If a business adopts an online enrollment platform, it will greatly reduce the overall enrollment time and can improve compliance and accuracy tracking because these systems will automatically check for conflicting or missing information. Additionally, enrollment platforms that are password-based will ensure that the information of all your employees stays secure at all times.

If you are interested in the idea of using online enrollment for managing your employees’ benefits and have more questions about it, contact TRAXPayroll today!

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