Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Internships

Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Internships

A growing number of employers are recognizing the benefits of internships and have begun to utilize them. An effective internship system is a great way to recruit great talent while increasing the size of your team. Below are some strategies that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your recruiting program.

Provide Interns With Guidance

Interns should be provided with the knowledge and tools that will help them succeed. They must be given goals which are clear, and they should also be given access to process documents while being taught how to use your company’s software. They should have frequent meetings with managers and they should be encouraged to make inquiries about anything which interests them.

Give Consistent Feedback

In order for interns to improve they must receive consistent feedback. This will help them prepare for full-time work, and one way of doing this is to setup meetings between interns and supervisors once a week to discuss their performance. During these meetings it is crucial for supervisors to highlight the areas where the interns are doing well along with areas that can be improved. They should be given tips on how to perform better, and they should be encouraged to ask questions. Some companies utilize progress reports to provide greater assistance.

Choose The Right Time To Hire

Timing is everything when it comes to recruiting interns. It is best to choose interns who will be searching for full-time work immediately after their internship is completed. It has also been found that summer is the best time to recruit interns, which means that businesses should begin their recruitment process around March. Your goal is to get to interns before your competition so you get the cream of the crop. It is best to select interns that are seniors or juniors in college as they tend to be more enthusiastic and will be ready to accept full-time work after graduation.

Finish The Internship On The Right Note

Once you’ve identified an intern that you’d like to work for your company, you should provide them with a final project they can complete near the end of their internship. This project should be exciting and challenging and they should be encouraged to give a presentation that highlights the work they’ve done. It is also important to ask all interns to provide feedback (which should be anonymous) to let you know what they think of working with you. Conducting these surveys can show you areas where you can do better.

As the job market becomes tighter it isn’t enough to simply post job openings online and hope for the best. Businesses that want to attract the best talent their industry has to offer must plan ahead and actively implement a recruitment and internship strategy that will attract the best. This is especially true for positions which are difficult to fill. Internship programs are an excellent solution for expanding your reach while allowing your company to recruit the talent which will allow it to dominate its respective market.