Time Sheet and Time Clock Software

Our TRAXTimeCard system offers two different forms of web-based time collection – the Time Clock and the Time Sheet solutions. While these two have different features, both aim at improving the efficiency of monitoring the working hours of your employees. The presence of these two options also allows you to choose the ideal method that will work best to your organization’s advantage. You can even mix and match employees with different time tracking methods to facilitate workforce management in the best way possible.

Time Clock in TRAXTimeCard

Of course traditional time clocks are available for purchase but why invest an additional amount when you can record your employee time punches with a single online software system? With the Time Clock as one of the web-based time collection services, your employees can now simply sign in and out of the integrated system using their corresponding single sign-on portal.

Time Sheet in TRAXTimeCard

As one of the dual options to monitor work-related hours of your employees, the Time Sheet solution gives the employees access to the clocking system, and allows them to fill out the online form for the entire pay period. Unlike the Time Clock that should be accessed on a daily basis, this one requires a one-time access for each pay period.

Benefits of Using the Time Clock & Time Sheet Feature

As with any other service under TRAXTimeCard, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Here’s a look at how Time Clock and Time Sheet can work as the ideal web-based time collection service:

The TRAXTimeCard Difference for Workforce Management

Managing your workforce can often require a lot of hard work and time. You need to constantly monitor their working hours on a daily basis. You also have to make sure that the numbers reflected in their time cards are appropriate at all times. Whether your business is small, mid-sized or large, you can encounter many issues if you use a manual labor management system.

We provide a powerful solution to tackle the difficulties and challenges faced in workforce management. With our system, you no longer have to manually sign the time cards. You can simply approve, decline or make changes to the information online anytime.

With TRAXTimeCard, you will enjoy a seamless experience with easy-to-reconcile yet collaborative time card management. What’s more, our system will accord you complete audit and compliance functionality.

Try TRAXTimeCard today and discover how beneficial the software will be for you in terms of running your organization. Give us a call at 866-872-9123 for a free consultation.

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