Paid Time Off Request & Approval Tracking

The paid time off request is performed by employees who want to use their vacation or sick days or their allotted personal time. Using our fully-automated tracking system, the request submitted by an employee is emailed to a manager who decides upon its approval. The manager can check for conflicts with requests from other employees and approve or decline the request. The approval status of the request will then be emailed back to the employee.

Benefits of Using TRAXTimeCard for Paid Time Off Request & Approval Tracking

Our sophisticated system helps to streamline and simplify the process of approval for requests created by the employees in your company. Here are several other notable benefits of using TRAXTimeCard:

The TRAXTimeCard Difference for Paid Time Off Request & Approval Tracking

Keeping track of the employees’ PTO is essential in meeting business productivity standards. Our software is specially designed to save time and effort while assisting you in effectively managing a more organized business. With an easy to use interface, you can perform tracking anywhere, anytime with TRAXTimeCard.

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