Manager Time Approval Software

Manager time approvals allow the management personnel in a company to supervise the time punches and entries of employees as well as edit and/or approve them. This system creates employee time keeping that is more accurate, simpler, and faster. The manager time approvals feature is integrated in our system and allows employees to access it through the main screen. They can simply select their name and clock in or out, depending on their needs. Each employee can be required to input his/her password when setting time punches.

Benefits of Using TRAXTimeCard for Manager Time Approvals

TRAXTimeCard provides a series of key benefits for our clients such as the following:

The TRAXTimeCard Difference for Manager Time Approvals

Our sophisticated system assists you in keeping track of your employees without wasting precious business hours or resources. The software is intuitive, easy to use, and allows your managers and supervisors to edit and/or approve employee time punches and entries. Our system is guaranteed to improve manager-employee communications and increase the productivity of your business.

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