Job Tracking & Project Tracking Software

Job and project tracking are two key features offered by our TRAXTimeCard service package. They allow you to track the time spent working on certain projects and monitor the overall progress. Our job tracking software helps you save time and have a macro perspective of the jobs being performed in your company.

Benefits of Using TRAXTimeCard for Job Tracking & Project Tracking

Featuring an intuitive and easy to use interface, our job tracking system offers you numerous benefits such as:

The TRAXTimeCard Difference for Job Tracking & Project Tracking

A job tracking system is an essential tool for every business that aspires to have an organized and efficient company. TRAXTimeCard easily helps you keep your team in sync and send live updates to increase business productivity. Our sophisticated software can also quickly integrate with the existing business tools you have and can easily report complicated scenarios back to the general ledger for accounting purposes.

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