Wage Garnishment Solutions

A wage garnishment is one of the most common types of garnishments, and it consists of deducting money from the revenue of an employee. In most cases, wage garnishments are the result of a court order and they continue until a certain debt is paid in full (e.g. child support, taxes, court costs, and student loans). The payroll process is usually responsible for handling the wage garnishments of a particular employee in every business.

Benefits of Using TRAXPayroll for Wage Garnishments

As an employer, it is important to make accurate wage garnishment calculations. TRAXPayroll lends you a helping hand by streamlining the process of handling wage garnishments for one or more of your employees. Here are several benefits of our services:

The TRAXPayroll Difference for Wage Garnishments

At TRAXPayroll, we know that automating the wage garnishment calculation process can be tedious and time consuming, especially for multi-state employers. Therefore, we’ve created customizable solutions that create superior organizational efficiencies. Our system is capable of collecting and remitting wage garnishments which have been ordered by the court, including bankruptcies, liens, child support, and more. The TRAXPayroll software is very easy to use by your personnel and it features an intuitive interface.

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