New Hire Reporting Solutions

New hire reporting is an action taken by the employer when a new employee is hired. This process consists of reporting information to a state agency by a designated amount of time after the hiring date. The employee needs to complete a W-4 form and then the employer can submit this information to a designated state agency. By providing new hire reporting, employers benefit from a reduction and prevention of workers’ compensation payments and fraudulent unemployment.

Benefits of Using TRAXPayroll for New Hire Reporting

Submitting new hire reporting to a state agency is a basic requirement for employers and TRAXPayroll can handle this aspect for you with ease. Here are a few great benefits of using TRAXPayroll for new hire reporting:

The TRAXPayroll Difference for New Hire Reporting

At TRAXPayroll, we are aware that each state has the freedom to set their own deadlines for new hire reporting and can change the laws without prior notice. Our new hire reporting system will make it easier for you to keep up with the constantly changing state statutes. With an easy to use interface, our software can help you save time and energy.

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