What does TRAXPayroll do?

Cloud-Based Self Service Payroll Software for Payroll Processing & Time & Attendance.

How is TRAXPayroll different than other Payroll companies?

We provide our clients with an easy to use, SaaS, cloud based payroll system with a full service back end customer support team to assist you with all your payroll needs. We specialize in US Only Payroll and have over 20 years of industry knowledge.

Who can use TRAXPayroll’s services?

Any size business, even if you have 1 employee or 2,000 employees or somewhere in between. TRAXPayroll is scalable to fit your needs

Can Direct Deposits be reversed after payroll processed?

Yes. You can contact your account manager and they will make every effort to process the reversal on the same day. The monies must be in the employee’s account and the timing of credits will vary based on the funding method. If the reversal is rejected, the amount will be charged back to your account.

How soon do you debit my account to fund the payroll?

All payrolls are due 2 business days before the pay date. Funds must be available the date you approve the payroll.

How does TRAXPayroll handle companies with multiple FEINs?

Each EIN is a separate company account in TRAXPayroll so that we can manage the tax deposits and quarterly reporting accordingly. TRAXPayroll will provide administrators with a Third Party Login to access all your accounts with one login.

Does TRAXPayroll process wage garnishments?

Yes, TRAXPayroll can collect and remit any wage garnishment type on your behalf or if you prefer, TRAXPayroll can deduct the garnishment and you can submit the garnishment funds accordingly.