Quick Tips For Hiring Overqualified Employees

Quick Tips For Hiring Overqualified Employees

The first inclination among many employers who receive resumes from overqualified candidates is to discard them. However, this may be a big mistake. Research indicates that employees who are overqualified often perform at a higher level than most of their peers. In addition to superior performance, overqualified employees also display greater enthusiasm, excitement and energy. Still, many employers fear hiring overqualified candidates because of concerns they will ditch the job as soon as a better offer comes along. Below are some guidelines that can help you as an employer in recruiting these types of workers:

Learn Why They Want the Job

Employers must avoid hiring “desperate candidates” at all costs. The problem with these individuals is that they will quit whenever they locate a job that has higher pay or benefits. During the selection process, your goal is to smoke out candidates who are desperate, and you can do this by finding out why they want the job.

Watch out for candidates who want the job because they lost their previous one. It is unfortunate whenever an employee gets laid off due to downsizing but if they’re overqualified, they may use your company as a temporary income stream until they find a job better suited to their qualifications. Given the high costs involved with hiring and replacing employees, employers cannot afford to recruit such individuals, as they will cost them a tremendous amount of money over the long term.

Desirable Candidates

Good overqualified candidates include retirees that grew bored of their quiet lifestyles, and who are looking for something stimulating, parents who have been out of the workforce due to raising their children, and those that are switching careers, as well as those who are looking for entry level jobs to develop new skills. These are examples of golden overqualified candidates that every employer should want to have on their team, as the value, skills and experience that they bring to the table can help your firm be more productive. They are also much more likely to remain stay with the company for a long period of time.

Never Hide their Qualifications

Should you decide to recruit a candidate who is overqualified, their qualifications should never be hidden. In contrast, their qualifications should be emphasized, as doing so will make the employee feel valued, and will encourage both them and your other workers to operate at a greater level of efficiency.

Give Them the Opportunity to Advance

Regardless of what prompted an overqualified candidate to work for you, it is important to give them opportunities to advance within your company. If these opportunities are not provided, eventually the employee will begin searching for another employer. Their overqualified status should give employers an incentive to come up with ways in which their skills can be used to benefit themselves and you.

Emphasize the Importance of Collaboration

Research indicates that overqualified employees tend to perform well in environments where they are frequently given opportunities to collaborate with others. The reason for this is because working with others allows them to showcase both their skills and experience, which can energize the team in a great way, particularly if the team consists of younger employees.