Questions for HR Interviews To Prepare For

Questions for HR Interviews To Prepare For

Questions from behavioral interviews are designed to get you to reveal how you responded to certain past scenarios. The answers you give will inform Human Resources as to how you might behave in the future if similar situations occur. Giving the wrong answer on such interviews could cost you the position, so below are some common questions asked during these interviews and how to respond to them.

Why Is There A Gap In Your Resume?

The Human Resources departments of most large and small businesses review resumes carefully, and will inquire about any gaps that exist between employments.  To them, it could be a sign that the company you worked in got restructured, went out of business, or you went through some dramatic life event.

If the employment gap is not explained, they might assume that it is the result of you being fired or some other circumstance which is unfavorable. If the employment gap resulted from a layoff, let them know. If there was some other, more sensitive situation that led to your departure, you will need to be a bit careful. Explain what happened in as few words as possible and avoid going into details. If you were fired, don’t use the word “fired.” Just say you were let go because the job didn’t suit you, and gently change the subject when appropriate and emphasize your positive past employment experiences over the negative ones.

Give An Example Of How You Handled A Difficult Customer Or Employee?

This question is designed to determine your ability to deal with conflict and cooperate with diverse personalities. It is challenging for the simple reason that it forces you to speak about a past experience that was likely unpleasant. The interviewer wants to know if you’re a hot head, and your job is to show them you aren’t. This question must be answered diplomatically in a manner that has no negativity or hostility. You will need to take a moment to think about a difficult situation you had on the job that you handled in a professional manner. Answering it this way shows that you can work under pressure.

What Do You Expect Regarding Salary?

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer and is dreaded by many. Ideally, you would want the company to give a salary threshold which is competitive, meaning that you’d be paid fairly. However, the best response is simply to say that you’re very interested in the job, and would accept any salary which is competitive. If you’re going to mention a specific amount, be sure you’ve done your research prior to the interview so you know the average annual salary for the job position you’re seeking. You don’t want to sell yourself short by accepting a salary that is lower than what you’re worth, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market.