Quality Customer Support Is Key To The Success Of A Payroll SaaS Business

Quality Customer Support Is Key To The Success Of A Payroll SaaS Business

The introduction of software solutions which are cloud based has led to the term SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service. While more people are becoming familiar with cloud computing, SaaS is a distinct concept which is an extension of it.

How does SaaS work?

SaaS involves a variety of procedures which are used to provide applications through the web, in the form of a service. Rather than purchasing software in a physical store or downloading it over the web to install on your computer, you can sign in and use the software online, which reduces the complexity and hassle involved with software installation, updates and maintenance. SaaS is accessible from any device which has a connection to the internet.

Studies conducted by technology research institutes have shown that a growing number of firms are adopting SaaS. This trend is likely to continue as the public develops are greater awareness of cloud technology and the many advantages that can be gained by using it. However, SaaS is not without its shortcomings, and there are several issues that end users can encounter when switching to this software platform.

SaaS can be Difficult to Integrate

SaaS integration can be very challenging. The reason for this is because the industry lacks the maturity that already exists among established IT software companies. There is often a shortage of resources which can be used for software integration, and during deployment this results in an implementation process that can be long and tedious. The vendors who offer SaaS should be responsible for assisting their clients with implementation.

Another difficulty that is often encountered with SaaS is customer acquisition. When distributing these software solutions the majority of companies prioritize direct sales and partnerships. While obtaining new customers is relatively straightforward, maintaining these relationships can be difficult.

Why Customer Support for SaaS Matters

Because SaaS is a growing market, vendors must rapidly attend to the needs of their clients. For instance, most customers will cease doing business with the vendor if it takes longer than a week for them to respond to an issue or complaint. Even when a customer is irritated, a fast response will often win them back.

The quality of a vendor’s customer support will determine the success of their marketing efforts. Word of mouth is extremely important in the SaaS industry, and this will be determined after customers have had time to use the software to test its features and support. If the customer service offered by a SaaS vendor is low in quality, this can dramatically inhibit the company’s ability to thrive even if their software is excellent.

To maintain good customer support vendors must remain in regular contact with their clients. Any inquiry which is received from a customer should be answered within 24 hours. Multiple forms of communication should also be made available, such as email, live chat, phone calls and social media. Maintaining multiple methods of interaction will increase reliability in the company and its services.