Is It Possible To Be Fired For Asking For A Pay Raise?

Is It Possible To Be Fired For Asking For A Pay Raise?

Requesting a pay raise is always a sensitive topic, both for employers and employees. Employers, especially those who run small businesses, naturally want to pay their employees the bare minimum, while employees want to earn the maximum. The two sides will typically settle on an amount which is acceptable to both.

However, there are a number of reasons why an employee would want a raise. The first is inflation and the rising cost of living, while the second is a growing family, and the third is when the employee feels they deserve more. But can you be fired for asking for a raise? The answer is yes, and below are some reasons why.

You Don’t Deserve It

Asking for a raise that you don’t deserve is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an employee. If you’re the type of person who is incompetent, or who does the bare minimum required to get by, but you have an inflated ego and feel you’re better than everyone else, asking for a raise could be the proverbial straw which breaks the camel’s back. Some employers will let you go, particularly if they have other candidates who can do the same job for less or the company is planning to downsize. If you’re going to ask for a raise be sure you’re actually outperforming everyone else and have the facts to prove it.

You Demand A Raise And Threaten To Quit If You Don’t Get it

This is a common technique that some employees try to use to get their way, but it often blows up in their face because they do it wrong. For instance, it is the height of stupidity for a recently hired worker to demand a raise, when they haven’t had sufficient time to prove themselves. Equally bad is an employee who is easily replaceable, who hasn’t positioned themselves to be indispensable to the company they work for.

Finally, “demanding” a raise from your boss is very unwise, as people generally don’t like demands being placed on them, especially by subordinates. Don’t demand a raise, ask for it, and be sure that when you do you have worked for the company long enough (at least a year) and have positioned yourself so that the company needs you and would have a very hard time replacing you due to the unique skills or knowledge you possess.

Going Above Your Boss’s Head To Request A Raise

This is arguably one of the most foolish things you can do. If your boss finds out that you went above their head to request a raise, especially when they shot you down, they will take this as an insult and a sign of disrespect. Even if the higher ups grant you the raise you want your days at the company are numbered. You will have a target on your back and sooner or later your boss will find a reason to get rid of you.