TRAXPayroll works with partners focused on cultivating long-term client relationships

Much of the success TRAXPayroll has garnered over the years is based on our partnership with leading organizations. Working with companies at the forefront of the industry allows us to deliver the cutting-edge products and services our clients need in order to grow their business.

Our alliances are both referral and reseller. We focus on providing the best payroll experience for small to medium sized businesses.

Let’s work together to generate more sales and win more competitive deals with a high-value payroll solution that your clients will fall in love with.

Types of Partners

Application Integrated Partner

Take advantage of having your own goto Payroll and provide your clients with the personalized attention that they need. As a TRAXPayroll integrated partner, you will provide valuable consulting and data services to your clients in addition to the TRAXPayroll solution.

Who makes a good TRAXPayroll partner?

  • HRIS Companies
  • Time and Attendance SaaS
  • Professional organizations and associations
  • Payroll providers
  • Financial service corporations
  • Benefit Administration Software
  • SMB software providers
  • Existing TRAXPayroll Customers

Consultant Services Referral Partner

As a referral partner, you have a Payroll Specialist in your back pocket.  Our sales team will work for you providing all the information about payroll to your clients.  We will provide you and your client’s personalized attention through emails, calls, demos, and training.

We have successfully partnered with some of the below types of businesses:

  • HR consultants
  • Benefit brokers
  • Professional organizations and associations
  • Financial service firms
  • Small Business software providers
  • Existing TRAXPayroll Customers
  • Chambers of commerce

Partner Benefits

TRAXPayroll offers unparalleled online payroll expertise to which partners have unlimited access. TRAXPayroll continues to build offerings in this arena and consistently delivers cost-effective, on target solutions for companies using online payroll and other HR related business solutions.

Benefits include:

Revenue Sharing
Integrated Services
Training & Support
Top Sales