New Year, New Staff Motivation Goals!

New Year, New Staff Motivation Goals!

The start of 2017 should be be marked by goals, both personal and professional. It comes as no surprise that companies of all sizes are looking for ways to motivate their employees, as doing so leads to greater productivity as well as profit. Below are some tips that will provide your team with the staff motivation that is necessary to help your business succeed in this new year.

Pay Your People What They’re Worth

In many industries, employers seem to be in a race to the bottom. Instead of focusing on recruiting the best talent they are more concerned with finding people that will work for the lowest wages. The problem with this approach is that the most talented people know their worth, and will not settle for low wages or non-existent benefits. To recruit the best, not only must you create a satisfying and challenging work environment, but you must also include financial incentives which include competitive salaries, sign up bonuses, raises, retirement plans, and even profit sharing.

Train Employees To Further Develop Their Skill Sets

The world is changing fast and nothing in business is certain. Getting a college degree is no longer enough in many sectors, because by the time students graduate, the field has already evolved or discovered newer technologies or approaches. It is for this reason that on the job training is essential. The needs of companies are changing on a yearly or even quarterly basis and to keep up employees must rapidly develop new skills and build on existing skills to remain motivated and competitive.

Communicate Frequently And Clearly

2017 marks the year that many people from Generation Z (those born in or after 1993) will enter the workforce.This generation has had access to the internet for their entire lives, fast at adopting software – whether it’s payroll software or warehousing software – and is used to global information being available at their fingertips. As a consequence, they will expect their employers to communicate with them frequently and concisely, preferably via text or through social networks. Employers who adapt to this coming generational workforce will have an edge.

Practice What You Preach And Lead By Example

When interacting with employees, you should treat them in the manner that you’d like to be treated if you were in their shoes. This can be difficult to do in today’s environment with its rapid change and high pace, but the benefits of doing so are worth it. You will garner respect from them while motivating them to work harder. Nothing says leadership like leading by example. You should never ask your employees to do anything that you’re incapable or unwilling to do yourself.

Praise Employees In Public And Chastise Them Privately

When an employee does something wrong, the superiors may become angry, and justifiably so. However, lashing out at them in front of their peers can be one of the greatest mistakes a manager can make, and is typically the sign of anger issues. Instead, employees should always be admonished in private, behind closed doors, and when praise is given, it should be done so in front of others. This builds motivation and draws people towards you instead of away.