How Do You Motivate Millenials In Your Workforce?

How Do You Motivate Millenials In Your Workforce?

Millenials are individuals who were typically born after 1980, which many people refer to as Generation Y. These people have now come of age and are entering the workforce, and there are a number of characteristics which make them distinct from previous generations. Another common interpretation is that millenials are the twenty-something. If you are an employer and you have millenials in your workforce, it is pertinent that you learn how to adapt to working with this group in a manner that will motivate them to perform at their absolute best.

Emphasize Technology

Millenials in your workforce should be open to technology as most were born during the information age. If you are able to integrate emerging technologies into your operations, you will do well with millenials in your workforce. In particular, any technology involving the internet or mobile devices will be popular with them.

Practice Transparency

Transparency is more important to millenials than to previous generations precisely because they were born during the information age, a time where tremendous amounts of information became available to virtually anyone who was looking for it. Don’t be afraid to keep these employees informed of the status of the company, upcoming changes, or goals that you’ve established. Millenials should never be provided bull or baloney by upper management, because this generation is savvy, will quickly see through it, and it will erode any trust that they have in the organization.

Millenials also won’t respond well to being “left out of the loop,” nor are they fond of secrecy or decisions which are made by the upper management without informing them or requesting input. These classical behaviors by large corporations are wildly unpopular among this generation, because it seems authoritative and in opposition to freedom and openness. The best way to work with millenials is to maintain an open door policy at all times, and when organizational changes are needed, inform them of why this is the case.

Encourage Them To Grow

The companies which will motivate millenials the most are those which encourage growth. These workers should be allowed to experiment, make mistakes, take on risk and learn from it. Company policies should be implemented which allow these employees to growth with the business, both financially and in other ways.

Coach Rather Than Manage

Millenials cringe at the idea of being managed. Coaching is preferred by this group, as it motivates them to perform at a superior level. Look for ways to mentor these individuals in a way that allows them to enhance their skills. Instead of preaching to them, lead by example and through your actions. Create goals for them to accomplish and then sit back and wait for them to figure out how to do it. Avoid micromanaging at all costs.

Millenials Want To Be Part Of Something Larger Than Themselves

No one wants to feel like a peon, and this is especially true for millenials. They desire to be a part of something that is greater, and they are best motivated when they feel that the work they perform will lead to lasting, positive results. The days where managers treat rank and file employees like peons is rapidly coming to a close. Companies which make their workers feel important will prosper due to increase motivation, productivity and even loyalty.