Mobile Workforce Management Tips For Your Business

Mobile Workforce Management Tips For Your Business

Advances in technology have led to changes in the workplace where employees have become more mobile. The ability to manage such a workforce effectively is extremely important, and below are some tips that will help you do just that.

Communicate Frequently

Communication is important for any type of workforce, but this is especially true for those which are mobile. Frequent communication will make it easier to assess performance, keep up to date with changes and resolve problems. A manager that communicates regularly and effectively can better relay the firm’s strategy while motivating workers and boosting their morale.

Keep Up To Date With Advances In Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is constantly evolving, and mobile workforces that remain up to date will have a constant edge. Keep abreast of changes in online conferencing, video, audio and data sharing technology. The best mobile programs are those which allow workers and other offsite staff to enhance their productivity while lowering the costs of the business and increasing responsiveness. Any technology which increases the effectiveness of mobile teams should warrant your attention.

Establish Clear Goals

It is absolutely essential for mobile workforce managers to establish clear, concise goals that are compatible with remote staff. These expectations must be communicated clearly, and each team member must do their part. A mobile team that has a clear goal will be motivated to achieve it.

Avoid The Urge To Micromanage

Supervisors who manage onsite teams have to do a lot of hands on stuff such as establishing dress codes, scheduling meetings, monitoring work hours and other daily tasks. This type of oversight is simply not feasible with a mobile team. Rather than attempting to micromanage the individual tasks of these workers, it is much wiser for mobile managers to increase efficiency by encouraging creativity and teamwork. In other words, rather than focusing on the process mobile managers must instead focus on the outcome.

Practice What You Preach

One of the best ways for mobile managers to convey their expectations is by practicing what they preach. For instance, a manager that wants to construct a company culture based on honesty and transparency would do well to display these characteristics to their workers. By setting a positive example you will create the type of work environment that you desire, whether it is on or offsite.

Adjusting to a mobile workforce can be challenging, particularly for managers that are used to working with employees onsite. By resisting the urge to micromanage, remaining up to date on the newest mobile technologies and enacting frequent communication, it is possible to build a streamlined mobile workforce that is highly efficient.

Employees for their part desire greater flexibility and better balance between their personal and work lives. While these employees are willing to work diligently, the manner in which they interact with managers while performing their duties is vastly different when they work remotely. Managers who understand this dynamic and are able to adapt accordingly will be in the best position to take advantage of this system.