How To Market Your Organization Successfully To Millennials

How To Market Your Organization Successfully To Millennials

To market your organization to millennials, it is important to understand their needs, desires and what makes them different from previous generations. A millennial is someone born at the end of the 1970s or early 1980s, who came of age at the dawn of the new millennium. These are the children of baby boomers and by 2020 they will comprise at least 50 percent of the work force as their parents retire. Below are some ways to attract top performing millennials to your organization.

Make Effective Use of Social Media

Unlike Generation Z (those born during or after 1993), many millennials remember the world before the internet as children. However, as a group they are quite tech savvy as many first begin using the internet by the time they entered high school during the 1990s. While not as well entrenched as Generation Z, millennials regularly use social media and will expect those that employ them to do so as well. Having a strong presence on websites such as Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn or Facebook for them is essential.

Maintain A Strong Brand 

Millennials favor companies which brand themselves well. They prefer buying from such organizations as well as working for them. To this group reputation is of the utmost importance. A company without a strong or prominent brand will often be overlooked by millennials, so be sure to clearly communicate your values, goals and proposition.

Use Mobile Devices As A Recruitment Tool

In addition to the internet, millennials grew up during a time when mobile phones were being more widely adopted, slowly phasing out landline telephones. As a consequence, they prefer using smartphones for both business and leisure. In addition to chatting with their friends and loved ones, this group is using their smartphones to surf the web, play games and watch movies. Any employer that wants to attract the best of this generation will need to use recruitment tools and approaches which are mobile friendly.

Operate Your Business With Transparency

Due to their adoption of the internet and mobile technology, millennials favor open dialogue and transparency from the people they work for. Employers that have a tendency to keep their employees out of the loop or operate opaquely won’t function well with millennials. Members of this generation want to know who they work for, so a CEO that makes himself or herself accessible will carry great favor with them. Likewise, any revelations of cover ups on behalf of upper management will travel quickly among this group due to their heavy use of the internet and social media, which in the worst case could lead to costly litigation or even bring down the entire company.

Both millennials and Generation Z will form the core of the future workforce, so as an employer your goal is to hire the top performing members of these groups, as they will boost your bottom line. To do so, you must understand what makes them tick and the most effective methods of working with millennials.