Making The Transition From Paper-Based To Online HR & Payroll

Making The Transition From Paper-Based To Online HR & Payroll

Transitioning to a workplace solution that provides complete workforce management can greatly assist institutions which are employee focused. When payroll, attendance and time are combined with core HR into a single system, institutions can save a tremendous amount of time while also preventing errors and duplication during data entry.

Online HR & Payroll Features

When human resource managers utilize a single system, it is much easier for them to manage and monitor key employee events, such as certification updates, position changes and pay increases. Users can search by categories such as open events or events which are due within a specific period of time. Managers can also check on the status of events as well as specific events based on the social security number or name of the employee. When information is stored within a system that is centralized, events are easier to manage due to dashboards or alerts, which essentially put all available information into the hands of the managers.

Document management

Systems which are cloud based also offer management for documents, which includes 24 hour self-service availability for pay stubs, time cards, forms and reviews of employee performance. Cloud based technology also allows managers to design and manage audit logs. Each change to a worker’s record is saved which includes all documents that have been uploaded, and it showcases the complete record. The audit log will also record the identities of anyone who makes changes, and when changes are made.

The advantages of decreased paper usage

An institution that reduces the amount of paper it uses will enjoy a number of advantages. In addition to cost savings for the paper itself, they will save on printer and ink fees, postage costs, cartridges for fax machines and space for storage. There will also be a reduced need for filing equipment, which means that in total, a company can save ten times more through the usage of cloud based tools.

Reducing the usage of paper also leads to greater productivity because less time is spent sifting through paper files or having files misplaced. More office space is freed up, and documents are also protected from disasters such as fire or floods. Institutions that revert to cloud based systems will reduce their environmental footprint, which will appeal to both customers and shareholders alike.

Reduced need for data entry

Traditionally, data was manually copied from spreadsheets and placed into HR or payroll forms. Not only was this a time consuming task, but it was prone to errors. Cloud based technology can combine time attendance, payroll and HR data into one system which reduces the need for spreadsheets, which eradicates the problem of duplicate data while also greatly reducing errors.

Today, cloud based technology is changing the way that institutions worldwide store their data. Not only is it safer and more secure, it also provides an increased level of productivity and efficiency. Companies that adapt to this technology will save great sums of money over time, while simultaneously outperforming their competitors and capturing a greater market share.