What Makes A Good Obamacare Software Solution?

What Makes A Good Obamacare Software Solution?

In a quest to meet the guidelines mandated by the Affordable Care Act, the market has become flooded with a variety of Obamacare software products. This is great news for business owners and HR personnel as these tools will make it easier for them to understand the various aspects of ACA. However, not all these software products are equal in quality, so it is important to choose wisely and look for features which indicate a superior product. Below are some features to look for in any ACA software you’re considering purchasing.

The Software Should Be Compatible With Existing Data Management

Many companies already have existing data management systems in place, and it took a good deal of time, money and effort to set them up. Therefore it is essential that any Obamacare software which is purchased should be compatible with this system. It must integrate seamlessly with employee benefits, payroll and time and labor. The software should offer a simple way of importing data, and the processes should be more automated than manual.

The Software Must Be Backed With Excellent Support

Software is one thing; excellent support is another issue entirely. The best product in the world won’t do you much good if it isn’t backed by a reputable support team. When something goes wrong, or you have a question that needs to be answered, there should be someone you can call, email or live chat with that will get your question answered or your problem resolved. Test the ACA software support team to see how fast they respond to emails or answer calls. This will be an indication of whether you should do business with them.

The Software Should Be Simple To Use

Maintaining compliance with ACA is already challenging enough; the last thing you want is Obamacare software that is too complex to understand. Always look for software tools which are user friendly. This means it should provide a dashboard that provides all of your most important compliance criteria up front, with the rest of the features being simple to locate.

The Software Should Keep You Updated On Compliance Requirements

Employee schedules are subject to change and when they do the compliance guidelines may be adjusted accordingly. When this happens, it is important to have an Obamacare software solution in place that automatically notifies you of compliance changes. Any software that requires you to mine through the data on your own is poor in quality. A great system will retain data while recommending data reviews.

The Software Should Provide A Positive ROI

One of the most important criteria of a good ACA software tool is whether it provides a positive return on investment. Given enough time most businesses can meet ACA requirements manually; they purchase software because it is supposed to save them time and energy. As such it should offer automation which is end to end as well as data gathering via the submission of forms. Any piece of software that requires a lot of manual steps is a waste of money.