Make Sure Your Open Enrollment Is On Track!

Make Sure Your Open Enrollment Is On Track!

Employers have had months to get ready for open enrollment, and the deadline is now rapidly approaching. Once open enrollment arrives, it is important to manage it in a way that ensures everything goes smoothly. Below are some tips for doing this.

Take Notes As You Progress

You will notice details that you’ll want to commit to memory, so it is best to write them down. Having these notes on hand will allow you to deconstruct the details later, and most important of all you will know what you’ll want to change during future open enrollment events. Place these ideas in a folder named “open enrollment for the coming year” so they will be easy to find when needed. Taking notes may seem tedious today, but you’ll be glad you did it tomorrow.

Communicate Important Details

There are a number of key details that you’ll want to communicate regarding open enrollment, such as specific deadlines, what types of documentation will be needed and so on. Maintaining clear and concise communication with employees regarding these details is extremely important. Your employees will come to you for solutions and you’ll need to be able to provide them. Keep your communication to the point and emphasize the information that matters to them the most. Examples of this information would be benefits, deadlines or phone numbers.

Make Time In Your Schedule

Many employers think that just because they’re ready for open enrollment, this allows them to focus on other things while their workers access online portals or attend other benefits related events. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Employers must concentrate on open enrollment for a little while longer so they are ready for any issues which appear. You will want to delegate some of the responsibility to others as needed so you can assist employees and collaborate with vendors.

Work Closely With Your Partners

The relationships you have with your benefits partners and vendors will benefit you greatly during the open enrollment process. They will evaluate your enrollment procedure and identify any roadblocks that could cause issues. As the deadline draws closer, you will want to communicate with them more frequently. Touch base with them regularly once open enrollment begins to determine how things are coming along, and find out if there are any adjustments which should be made. Partners can also provide key information regarding who is and isn’t enrolling and who should be contacted.

Open enrollment is a process that takes months of preparation, and when the deadline finally arrives, it will be the moment of truth. While many employers will be tempted to sit back and relax once the process begin, this is the opposite of what they should do. Instead they must continue managing the process to ensure there are no issues and that everything runs as planned. Following the tips discussed here is the best way to achieve this, and by working with vendors and employees carefully, open enrollment can be done seamlessly and correctly the first time.