How To Make Your New Employee Feel Appreciated

How To Make Your New Employee Feel Appreciated

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, exceptional employees are the bread and butter of every organization in existence. Even with the advent of increasing automation and artificial intelligence, at best machines can only perform basic, routine tasks and only humans have the creative insight and knowledge to provide novel solutions to complex challenges. Therefore, making a new hire feel appreciated is essential, as to do otherwise runs the risk of them leaving your company to go work for your competition.

Form A Connection And Provide Feedback

A new employee must quickly feel they’re apart of the family. They should be encouraged to socialize with the other employees and management, and should be invited to company events. No one wants to feel like they’re in a formal setting all the time. Meeting for drinks after work or going out to a group lunch is a great way for the new employee to form connections with senior staff members.

Another way to form a connection is through offering feedback. This is especially important during the first month of employment. Managers should check up on new employees to make sure they’re comfortable with the tasks they’ve been given, and to provide feedback on things they’re doing well, and areas in which they can improve. You can ask them if they enjoy a good work-life balance as your employee. This conveys to the new employee that you care and will provide them with a sense of direction.

Talk To Them About Goals

There are two types of goals that should be discussed with a new employee. The first is the goals of the company and what it plans to accomplish in the short and long term. The second goal is that of the employee and how the work they perform fits into the bigger picture. Goals are essential because they can be used for motivation and will provide new workers with focus during the chaotic period in which they will need to adjust to their new employment. An employee that feels like they have a positive effect on the company will be more likely remain for the long haul.

Communicate With Them In Their Preferred Style

Thanks to advances in technology, there are many ways in which communication can be done, and what works for some people might not be ideal for others. Communicating with new employees in a way that is most comfortable for them will put them at ease and make it easier to adjust to the new environment. Some people prefer email, while others prefer text messaging, talking in person or over the phone. Choose the method that works best.

Offer Them Opportunities For Growth

Oftentimes, A level employees (who are highly educated, talented, disciplined and motivated) will become bored if they are not regularly challenged or offered new opportunities for growth. Unless you want these employees to quit and end up working for your competitors, you had better give them incentives to stay, and for the best of the best, a high salary is simply not enough. Offer these workers rewarding challenges and a ladder to management and executive level positions – and they will remain with you for many years to come.