Are You Looking For The Best Time And Labor Management Tool?

Are You Looking For The Best Time And Labor Management Tool?

Efficiency is the cornerstone of running a successful business. It leads to lower prices, higher customer satisfaction and increased market share. The key to becoming more efficient is enacting tools and procedures that make your company more streamlined. One such tool is a time and labor management system. This system will allow you to monitor your employees and reduce the time that is spent generating their schedules and payroll. But these are just a few of the benefits you will gain.

The Software Is Easy To Use

Time & labor management tools come with an interface that is simple to use. The dashboard will send you notice for things such as requests for time changes, worker birthdays and other important events. With the press of a button you can determine which employee is working on which task, and you can set the program to send you messages whenever employees clock out or in.

No Need To Install Or Manually Update

Many employers are reluctant to purchase new software programs due to the complexity that is involved with installing and updating them. The good news is that time & labor management systems do not have these requirements. To set up the program all you have to do is sign up over the web and then begin using the software. Once you’ve signed in you can manage and monitor employees from anywhere the internet is available. Additionally, the system uses robust 128 bit encryption as well as frequently data backups and firewalls.

The Program Is Simple To Customize

Too many software programs use a “one size fits all” approach, but this is not the case with time & labor management systems. These programs are designed to be highly customizable, which means they can be calibrated to suit the needs of employers who operate in different industries. For instance, you can set the program to maintain specific files for certain workers, create a unique login screen with your company logo and adjust your time tracker. This allows you to create schedules when and where you want, and you can send your employees their schedules with the press of a button.

Changing Shifts Is A Breeze

A frequent scheduling problem that many employers encounter is when two employees desire to switch shifts. Traditionally a supervisor has to speak with each individual employee regarding the issue and make the needed adjustments manually. This method is not that efficient, but can be improved through the usage of a time & labor management tool. With this tool employees can switch shifts without needing to involve their supervisor. The worker that wants to switch would simply need to send a request to another worker, and once the request is accepted the system would automatically be updated to show it.

These are just a few of the ways that productivity can be increased through the implementation of this tool. Perhaps one of its greatest benefits is that it makes payroll much easier. Complete reports can be automatically generated once you’ve chosen a specific date and pay period.