Learn To Evaluate Your Employees Better!

Learn To Evaluate Your Employees Better!

Employee evaluations are often unpopular with both employees and their employers, and there are a number of reasons for this. While these evaluations are considered a necessity because they can help to shape the development of your employees, they are only effective when the right strategies are considered. When evaluations are done correctly they will lead to greater effectiveness while being less tedious for those who administer them.

Keep The Evaluation Simple

Using basic “yes and no” questions has proven to be an effective way to simplify evaluations. When this format is combined with the right questions, employees can rapidly use the feedback for improvement. Other methods include writing down a specific number of words which describe the worker, and then asking the worker to talk about whether they agree with this description and what they would like to do.

Evaluations Should Be Actionable

This is one of the hardest aspects of improving evaluations, but the end results are worth it. This also makes the process more simplified, because it highlights specific actions the employee can take to become productive, making the process less esoteric. The purpose of an evaluation should be to teach the employee how to perform at a higher level.

Evaluations Should Always Be Future Oriented

While past actions will inevitably form a part of every employee evaluation, the purpose of the process should be progress in the future. The reason for this is because it allows the evaluation to motivate the employee and make them more productive. Many employees report that they dislike performance reviews because they focus too much on past mistakes as opposed to past achievements. While it is necessary to inform employees of negative behaviors which should be adjusted, this should be balanced with their achievement and should emphasize future rewards and expectations.

Ensure Evaluation Points Emphasize Specific Objectives

A common mistake that is made with many firms is using evaluations which are either outdated or which do not fit in with the organization’s current objectives. Evaluations should be updated regularly, particularly during times when the company is transitioning in a new direction. Doing this will groom workers while making the objectives of the organization much more visible. An organization which takes the time to do this will not only motivate their workers, but make them feel as if they are part of a family.

Perform Evaluations More Frequently

Some may question the wisdom of this advice, especially given the fact that evaluations in general are unpopular. However, performing an evaluation once a year hurts workers because it doesn’t give them sufficient feedback, stunts growth and allows negative behaviors to become ingrained. Performing employee evaluations more frequently has been found to produce superior results, although it may seem frustrating for those that already dislike them.

Employees who receive evaluations every month or so have more time to improve and will develop a greater understanding of what is expected of them by their employers, and they will do so much faster than with a single evaluation annually.