The Importance Of Employee Self Service For Your Business

The Importance Of Employee Self Service For Your Business

Employee self-service is a system that ensures that communications are as streamlined as possible. It is a must have component of HRIS, or human resource management systems. Once an employee has signed into their self-service account, they will be able to access data which is related to benefits and taxes. They can also review their paystubs and perform other functions without having to leave their desk.

Typical EES Features and Functions

ESS can be used by employees to quickly change their contact info or address. They can also change info related to their W-9 and payment preferences. In a nutshell, ESS allows employees to make changes to their personal profiles without the slow, tedious process that was used in the past. As you can imagine, it is essential for ESS to be absolutely secure due to the sensitive personal details it contains. It must also be noted that ESS provides far more than just a way for employees to manage their personal details themselves. This is only scratching the surface of its capabilities.

Employees Can Easily And Remotely Access ESS When They Want

ESS portals are accessible through laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets. Optimizations will need to be made for each of these devices, but the availability will remain the same. Employees can view salary statements or benefit summaries whenever they want, and can also submit requests to their supervisors.

In the past, employees often had to conduct special requests just to determine how much vacation time was available to them, or how much they could use. ESS offers access to this info which is instantaneous, which allows employees to get the information they need and then quickly get back to their daily work, maintaining a high rate of productivity. ESS greatly reduces workflow interruptions, especially among managers in human resources.

The Challenges of ESS

As with anything, there are disadvantages to ESS. For one, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to implement. The look and feel must also be customized with the colors and logo of the business. However, ESS should be a seen as an investment over the long term, one that will provide a positive return. The reason for this is because it lowers the workload for the payroll and HR team. They will no longer have to answer basic questions from employees as they will be capable of quickly finding the answers themselves.

This frees up HR to focus on more pressing issues. For their part, employees will be more content as they aren’t thrilled with having to deal with a lot of administrative hurdles; they just want to do their jobs and get paid for it. The more a business can reduce the time its employees spend on menial tasks, the more productive they will be. ESS also makes transactions much more accurate, and lowers the chance of human error through the automatic detection of specific error types. This can save a business a tremendous amount of money.