HR Trends For 2018

HR Trends For 2018

2018 is here, and with it are trends which will shape the human resources landscape. Every business, irrespective of industry, should want to keep abreast of these new developments, and below are the hottest HR trends which you should expect and prepare for this year and beyond.

Recruitment Via Artificial Intelligence

A lot of recruiting processes are already automated, and this phenomenon will expand in 2018. This is the result of Human Resources software which will be merged with AI in a manner that will allow applications which have passed the filtering phase to be reviewed, and in some cases the AI will be advanced enough to interview candidates itself. Artificial Intelligence is expected to save time while eliminating discriminatory behavior, which will save companies large sums of money while reducing their legal liability. Additionally, ranking systems can be placed within interviews that are conducted digitally.

Talent Management Which is Individualized

The one size fits all worldview will end in 2018, largely because employees want to be seen as individuals, where their distinct skills, goals and needs are considered by their employers. Businesses that understand and respond to this trend accordingly will attract the top talent that their industry has to offer. Companies will further benefit by boosting productivity, reducing the costs and time needed for training, and enhancing their succession plans. Employees who have work schedules and tasks which are compatible with their needs will have superior morale which will result in them accomplishing more.

Greater Emphasis On Collaboration

More companies are recognizing the importance of a workforce which is tight knit, so expect collaborative efforts to be emphasized this year. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply greater face time, since many of the most successful companies are performing collaborative projects remotely without team members needing to meet face to face. HR software in particular will play a key role in digital collaboration and will foster stronger relationships and teamwork.

Upskilling And Conducting Promotions Internally

Upskilling is a new word which means training and developing the skills of workers who are already employed by an organization. This trend is the result of more companies wanting to use their existing workforce to enter open positions, while providing them with promotions and additional training. Fewer new hires are expected to join the workforce over the next few years, prompting employers to rely on those who already work for them.

Continued Advancements In Remote Training

Remote training is not new, but will continue to expand and advance in 2018 and beyond. International offices will no longer be restricted to Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, and a growing number of small businesses will also open their doors overseas. Remote training will require state of the art webinar and digital training video, and many companies are already starting to incorporate virtual reality tools that place candidates or employees in simulated environments where they can learn the tools of their trade.