How To Enhance Your Employee’s First Day At Work

How To Enhance Your Employee’s First Day At Work

An employee’s first day can be exciting and stressful at the same time. The goal of their employer should be to assist them in transitioning and settling in as smoothly as possible, and below are some tips that will help you do exactly that.

Give Them A New Hire Packet

The new hire packet is essentially a handbook that gives new employees an overview of what is expected of them, and the dos and don’ts of working for you. It should consist of information regarding dress code, their work schedule, essential documents they will need to provide, such as Birth Certificate, Social Security number for tax purposes and payroll and their driver’s license.

The new hire packet should also contain information regarding parking, and transit to and from the work site. Some new hires will use their own personal transportation while others will use public vehicles, so it is important to provide instructions on reaching the work site via subway, bus, taxi or other modes of transportation that are available.

Prepare The New Hire’s Work Space In Advance

It is critical that the cubicle or office space allocated to the new employee be cleaned and prepared for their arrival; to not do this will leave a bad first impression on them. Additionally, they should be given the password and username to access their computer, and someone should meet with them to answer their questions and assist them in filling out paperwork. In a large office new employees may need to be shown the location of their workstation, they shouldn’t have to wander around aimlessly for it.

Give Them A Tour Of The Office

Every new hire should learn the lay of the land, and the best way to do this is through a guided office tour. This will show them where things are located, how to reach the restroom and manager’s office, and any emergency exits in case of an emergency. An office tour is also a good opportunity to demonstrate how certain machines work and to introduce them to key staff.

Additional Tips

Each company has its own unique way of doing things, and new hires will need time to familiarize themselves with it. It is also important for them not feel that they are a burden to their colleagues, so during their first day they should be given small and simple tasks to complete.

They should also be given some time to themselves so they can relax, breathe, and acclimate themselves to their new surroundings. Ideally, no heavy or serious work should be done on an employee’s first day; this time should be reserved for giving the new hire an opportunity to get to know the environment and the people within it.

If they are hit with too much work on their first day they can quickly be overwhelmed. Every company has a distinct culture, and for continued employment a new hire must readily adapt to it.