Here’s A Look At Recruitment Trends In 2016

Here’s A Look At Recruitment Trends In 2016

There are a number of recruitment trends which have come to define 2016. It is a necessity for HR departments to evaluate and adapt to these trends in a manner that provides them the greatest hiring leverage. Doing so ensures that your company attracts the best and brightest talent your industry has to offer.

Internal Candidates are Preferred for Management Positions

A growing number of enterprises have come to realize that employees who have been with the firm for extensive periods of time make excellent candidates for the management team. These individuals understand the organization better than any outsider can, and they can be trained and promoted internally. One factor which is influencing this trend is the difficulty finding external candidates who have good leadership skills and the resumes to back them up.

Shortages in Talent Require Superior Incentives to Recruit the Best

Another recruitment trend which has been noted this year is a shortage of talent. This means that companies must compete more fiercely than usual to recruit top level workers, and to stand out from the crowd, you must offer incentives which are unique, lucrative and unorthodox. Methods for doing this include offering compensation packages which are extremely attractive, flexible work schedules or vacations, sign up bonuses, profit sharing opportunities and onsite daycare service.

Retaining the top talent is just as important as hiring them. To do this you must make sure your benefits and salaries packages are on point. Some ways for doing this includes offering weekly instead of bi-weekly pay, retirement and health benefits. Your organization should also make it clear to new hires that superior performance leads to regular promotions and raises.

A Growing Number of Job Seekers are Using the Internet to Find Jobs

Any business that isn’t using the internet in general and social media in particular to find talent is putting itself at a tremendous disadvantage. Websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn are the future of job search, and are the preferred source for finding jobs among the millennial generation. While it may seem tedious to sign up and post job positions on the many job boards and social media sites that are available, doing so ensures that you’re reaching the maximum number of candidates possible which increases the chances of scoring A-level employees.

Application tracking programs make this task easier by allowing HR departments to monitor where job postings are being made and who is applying for these positions. Job postings can be streamlined through the usage of templates, applicant data management and prescreen resumes, all of which can be derived from one interface.  By utilizing these HR data programs, it is possible to recruit new talent from numerous sources while not overworking your Human Resources team.

Attracting and retaining the best workers has always been challenging, but talent shortages in 2016 mean that companies across multiple industries must step up their game if they wish to recruit the best that their respective fields have to offer. Doing so maximizes the chances of gaining greater market share while becoming or remaining an industry leader.