Is Your HR Department Failing You?

Is Your HR Department Failing You?

The Human Resources department can serve as an important agent of change, but this is only possible when they take responsibility for their mistakes and failures. Failure is something that few want to own up to, but it only becomes a problem when it isn’t used a catalyst for future improvement. Because HR is considered the front line when it comes to recruiting new personnel, the decisions they make can have serious long term consequences for the organization as a whole.

Failure to Communicate

One of the core functions of the Human Resources department is to act as a mediator between workers and employers. If communication breaks down for any reason, one of the first people to speak to should be the HR manager. HR managers who are good at their jobs will give you advance which is objective and non-biased, and will resolve the problem in short order.

When companies face financial challenges, it is inevitable that they will be subjected to extensive organizational change, which may invariably lead to communication breakdowns. This can lead to divisiveness among various parties. This is why interpersonal communication is so important, as well as feedback, self-awareness and open communication between employees and managers.

Politics in the Office

Office politics is an issue that few managers want to discuss, as it may shed unwanted light on them. However, this attitude will only make things worse. A certain degree of politics is inevitable and expected in the office environment, but it only becomes a problem when the interests of employees and managers collide with each other in a manner that is detrimental to the organization as a whole. Managers should remain as passive as possible when involved in office politics, and should ensure that it doesn’t get out of control.

Resistance to Change

When change occurs due to the market or legislation, companies may choose to adapt to these changes faster than the departments within them are comfortable with. This leads to a situation where the workforce becomes hindered. To prevent this from happening, HR managers must avoid the temptation to resist change, and should instead structure their teams in a manner that makes them scalable, adaptable and prepared to grow exponentially. When new technology is introduced, HR should see it as an opportunity to automate functions which will make the company operate more smoothly.

Financial Issues

Because HR is often responsible for handling payroll, the decisions they make regarding it will dramatically affect the company, for better or worse. Any issues with communication, attendance, overflow of spreadsheets or incorrect data can cause serious problems.

If a company is having major issues in this area, it may be necessary to outsource it completely. Many HR departments don’t pay attention to changes that occur in ACA compliance, and if the wrong data is entered the company could be subject to paying fines that no one knew even existed. Payroll issues should never be taken lightly, as they will determine the reputation of the organization. Outsourcing payroll allows HR to focus on other matters of importance, which increases their efficiency.