Going Paperless At Your Workplace

Going Paperless At Your Workplace

A growing number of businesses are transitioning into a paperless environment. There are many advantages to doing this, and a number of start-ups have created services and products which make this transition easier. However, there are some general things you should consider when planning to go paperless, as both regulations and the needs of your clients may impact your ability to change completely.

Why More Businesses Are Going Paperless

In many respects, the “paperless workplace” is a consequence of modern technology, which is becoming more digital, computerized, mobile and ubiquitous. Spending money on ink and paper, especially for Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations, can easily cost millions of dollars each year, money that is saved by adopting a more paperless philosophy.  This phenomenon is also environmentally friendly as there is a reduced demand for cutting down trees along with the hazardous process involved with paper manufacture.

Purchase A Scanner

One of the best and most cost effective ways to transition into a paperless workplace is through the purchase of a scanner. Scanners are affordable and should you have important documents drafted on paper that you wish to preserve, you can do this by scanning the pages and storing the information that is contained within them.

Consider HRIS Installation

HRIS, or human resources information system, is software which merges the HR department with information technology. It allows various HR processes to be conducted in an electronic manner, which streamlines the department and allows multiple activities such as payroll, accounting and management to be carried without using up a great deal of resources. HRIS is installed by companies that are looking to maximize both productivity and efficiency.

Because the onboard processes for HRIS are totally electronic, it saves a great deal of paper and other clutter while making it much simpler for employees to look through documents to find important information. HRIS allows reports to become paperless, as well as PTO requests, schedules and various other tasks.

Provide Paperless Wages To Employees

One of the easiest ways for a business to transition into a paperless environment is to change the way they pay employees. Rather than paying them in cash or by check, why not switch to direct deposit? This form of payment is safer as it doesn’t require employees to carry around cash, nor does it requirement them to go to a bank and wait in line just to cash a check. With direct deposit the funds can be electronically deposited into the employee’s account, after which all they must do is use their debit card to withdraw the money from ATM machines.

Consider File Sharing Applications

File sharing is another paperless option because it allows workers to collaborate and share files without having to write anything down. This creates various opportunities to showcase data, while also making it simpler to back-up the data. When you consider the fact that there are many free and paid file sharing applications available on the market, this is a tool that should be taken into consideration.