Enhance Work Life Balance With TRAXTimeCard!

Enhance Work Life Balance With TRAXTimeCard!

Work life balance has become an important issue for many employees today. Employers have discovered that poor work life balance is a leading cause of stress and anxiety which erodes the productivity of the workers and in turn reduces the profitability of the company they work for. Companies which utilize tools such as TRAXTimeCard have been found to increase employee productivity while also helping them to achieve better work life balance.

Recent Changes To Time and Labor Management

The standard 40 hour work week has evolved in recent years due to changes in technology. Employees today are no longer necessarily restricted to working on site, and a growing number is working off site during hours which are most beneficial to them. At the same time, employers still need to track the time that employees spend working on projects to monitor their progress.

Millennials, who comprise a growing portion of the contemporary workforce, have the highest demand for work life balance. In fact, for them, this is more important than most other job benefits. Many desire to work remotely, even from home if it is possible, as they feel that they would be much more productive.

How Time And Labor Management Tools Help

Time and labor management tools provide employers with a solution that is comprehensive in regards to monitoring their employees, whether they work onsite or remotely. These systems are integrated and make it a breeze to monitor employee attendance and will enhance their productivity simultaneously. These tools will automate the calculations related to the hours your workers put in along with their paid off time.

They also give you greater control regarding overtime calculations which makes it easier for you to manage costs. Employees can use the portal whenever necessary to log the number of hours they’ve work and how much they have left in the vacation balance. It provides employers with unlimited access in regards to the attendance history of their employees, electronic time cards which eliminate paper and the errors resulting from manual processing, and reports which are fully customized.

Why Your Company Needs TRAXTimeCard

Whether your company is large or small, you will benefit from time and attendance software such as TRAXTimeCard. They allow you to monitor the time that employees spend on specific projects, and gives them the ability to make request for paid time off digitally, with supervisors accepting or declining such requests quickly and seamlessly. Perhaps one of the most impressive benefits of these software packages is notifications tracking and hourly alerts in real time.

These tools allow you to set up notifications which can be sent by emails, as well as reminders that can help managers or employers to take a certain action. In a nutshell, this software will make your company more organized and this greater organization will lead to higher productivity and a healthier work life balance for your employees.