How To Drive Customer Engagement

How To Drive Customer Engagement

The most valuable patrons that a business can have are repeat customers and referrals. However, to acquire these individuals businesses must practice customer engagement. This means that the business must interact with customers in a manner that is valuable and meaningful, and this is best accomplished by focusing on the little things.

Send Out Newsletters

A newsletter is a great way to maintain contact with past and potential customers. Some people will send you inquiries, but will not pay for your service. This doesn’t mean they won’t; it may be a sign that they were distracted by something and forgot about you. A newsletter is a great way to remind them of your existence, and to keep existing customers informed of new products and services you’re planning to release. However, when sending out newsletters remember that too much circulation will reduce its value. A newsletter should be sent out no more than once or twice a month.

Offer Surveys With An Incentive To Fill Them Out

Many businesses offer surveys to their customers, and while this feedback is valuable to the business many customers consider it a chore to fill them out. This is why many surveys wind up in the trash or deleted from email inboxes. The reality is that people are extremely busy these days with endless distractions and their time is more valuable than ever before. Customers who are given an incentive to fill out a survey are more likely to do so.

Write A Personal Note

A handwritten note is a classy and sophisticated way to show customers that you appreciate their business. It is very popular in hotels and restaurants, and when customized it will create an impression that the customer will not soon forget.

Speak To Them Over The Phone

A well placed phone call can be a wonderful way to engage customers, but it must be handled with extreme care. The call should not be sales related in any way, and can instead be used to see how the customer is doing and to request feedback. While many customers will toss feedback forms in the trash, when a company contacts them over the phone they will be more likely to let you know how they feel about your service, which will be beneficial, even if the feedback is unpleasant.

Offer Customized Products Or Services

Offering customized products or personalized services is one of the top ways to engage with customers. No one wants to feel like just another number, and a business that puts in the time and effort to personalize the experience will create an impression that customers will remember for many years to come.

A custom suit or personalized meal which is perfectly suited to a customer’s tastes shows incredible class as well as attention to detail. While customization can be costly and time consuming for businesses to implement, the rewards will pay off in dividends. Customer engagement is critical because it allows a business to stand out from the crowd in a day and age where everyone is trying to get attention.