Don’t Make These End Of Year Performance Review Mistakes!

Don’t Make These End Of Year Performance Review Mistakes!

Very few employees look forward to end of year performance reviews. A number of companies, whether it’s small businesses or large organizations, determine annual increases based on them, which makes it a source of considerable anxiety. Additionally, many employees make mistakes when performing these reviews, which only make things worse. Below are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

Failure To Establish The Right Goals

Employees should use performance reviews as an opportunity to establish goals which will benefit themselves and the company they work for. For instance, if a firm wants to increase its sales by $10 million in the coming fiscal year, what are some ways in which you can help them to achieve it? In order for an employee to establish the right goals, they must first understand the goals of their employer.

Failure To Follow Up After The End Of Year Performance Review

The effectiveness of an end of year performance review will often be determined by what you do after it has been completed. One thing you can do is send over an email to your manager going over the information that was discussed at the meeting. Any suggestions which the manager made should be adhered to as much as possible; as it will help you develop and will show them that you’re listening to what they have to say. Employees that are looking to climb the corporate ladder to one day become managers or executives should pay close attentions to the things discussed during performance reviews and respond to them accordingly.

Asking The Wrong Questions

Failing to ask the right questions during performance reviews is a common mistake. Perhaps the worst question of all is to ask is whether you can receive a promotion. Prior to the start of a year-end performance review you should take the time to write down a list of pertinent questions.

Asking such questions will impress your superiors as it shows you took the time and initiative to think about and prepare for the meeting in advance, and that you genuinely care about your performance and its impact on the company.  Some of the top questions to ask during a performance review are where you can improve, what perception the managers have of you, and what suggestions do they have that can make you better at your job? These are the type of inquiries that will provide you with constructive feedback.

Being Too Defensive

Very few people like being criticized, which is one reason why performance reviews are so dreaded. However, you won’t do yourself any good by becoming defensive or emotional regarding your performance. It is essential to develop thick skin, an open mind, and accept the fact that no one is perfect and everyone has areas in which they can improve.

Put it another way; don’t take your end of year performance review personally, even if you don’t like the manner in which your manager describes your actions. Accept responsibility for your mistakes, be mindful of them so they are not repeated in the future, and this will go a long ways towards improving your status within the company as well as your relationship with your colleagues.