Don’t Be Tripped By Those Common HR Mistakes!

Don’t Be Tripped By Those Common HR Mistakes!

Seriously, how involved could a job in HR really be? Oh, truth be told, it’s not an easy job, or even straightforward. Common HR mistakes, made by far too many companies to mention here, have and can lead to lost money and lost time. No matter if it’s a small mom and pop shop or a global corporation, every HR Department can fall prey to certain faults that can be potentially catastrophic. In order to help your HR Department avoid some of these downfalls, take a look at these top four common HR mistakes.

Compliance Issues – Don’t Be Lax

Human Resources is just filled with issues that are exceedingly complex. This can be a failure to properly document the termination of an employee, not correctly paying taxes, violating wage standards, and more. And whereas you might know a little bit about each of those, you may not know enough. Make sure that you are absolutely and completely aware of any and all compliance (acts, regulations, laws, etc.) that apply to a company of your size (number of employees).

Providing Training That Simply Isn’t Adequate

Sometimes it’s of the utmost importance to get someone hired and started in their new position. But the hiring process and training process should not be rushed. New employees must be offered as much support as possible and as many resources and tools as they need in order to contribute adequately from day one. Without that support, those resources, and the proper tools, both the business and the employee are being set up for failure.

Employee Handbooks Should Be Updated on a Regular Basis

Even though a lot of joking and kidding is frequently done about employee handbooks, they do end up being an essential mechanism in the establishing of parameters, guidelines, and rules. If nothing else, it ensures that everything is in writing and can be referred to should employee breaches or legal issues arise. It is not unheard of for some companies to annually revise their handbook. Your industry evolves; the landscape of your business changes. So should your employee handbook.

Again – Don’t Rush The Hiring Process

Even though a new hire may be filling an immediate need, the hiring process should not be rushed. Accelerating a process such as this could end up in steps that may not seem important at the time being skipped over. But by doing this, the wrong person could get hired for the job, and the company may lose out because the person that should’ve been hired… wasn’t.

Your HR Department, Payroll Department, and all the other departments have to operate under a certain set of acts, laws, and regulations. They also need to stay on top of current policies, trends, public opinion, news stories, and more. It’s a lot to handle. If you’d like some assistance – whether your company is big, medium, or small – contact the experts at TRAXpayroll today.