Developing A Love Affair With Time

Developing A Love Affair With Time

Time is without a doubt one of the most valuable resources we have. Many things in life, including money, can be recovered if lost, but once time is gone it is gone forever. Those who want to succeed in life, in any endeavor, must learn to love their time and manage time in the wisest way possible. By doing this you will maximize your success and make life work for you rather than against you.

Identify Time Wasters And Eliminate Them

To make the best use of your time and enjoy a higher quality of life, you must first identify things that waste it. This will often come in the form of people and activities. For example, a student who wants to get their medical degree may choose to hire a maid to wash their clothes and clean their home because their time would be better spent studying or performing research. For the student, washing clothes and cleaning, although necessary, would be a time waste, and they delegate it to someone else and focus instead on what matters to them; getting their degree.

What is a waste of time to one person may not be to another. Many people wonder why the rich and famous won’t do routine tasks like mow their own lawns or prepare their own meals. But put yourself in the shoes of a famous athlete or movies star: if you’re making tens of thousands per hour performing, would you really want to spend two hours mowing your lawn or cooking when instead that time could be spent doing other things that earn far more money?

One thing which separates the extraordinarily successful from the ordinary is that they are masters of their own time. They spend most of their time doing things that bring them the benefits they want out of life while delegating the mundane tasks to others, often compensating them for it. Successful people also don’t waste time with people who cannot or will not help them reach their goals, and will often ignore or disregard these individuals in favor of those that can.

Master The Art of Correct Timing

Another factor that separates time masters from normal people is their fundamental understanding of timing and when and when not to do something. An example of this would be the Wall Street investor who knows when to buy a security and when to sell it, a real estate investor that knows the best time to buy and sell a property, or the boxing champion who knows just the right moment to throw that vicious counter punch that knocks out his opponent.

Correct timing is something that comes with knowledge and experience, usually in a specific field. It is a critical skill that is an absolute necessity for anyone who wishes to excel in any area of life. The ability to spot trends or investment opportunities is a key component of timing and can lead to tremendous success. Advanced in technology and software has made this process a lot easier.