How To Cultivate An Inclusive Workplace Culture

How To Cultivate An Inclusive Workplace Culture

Developing an inclusive workplace culture can strengthen employee morale which leads to superior performance and productivity. Many employees today are feeling disengaged from the work they perform, and many businesses both large and small have failed to address the issue. Below are some tips for developing a workplace culture which is both inclusive and desirable to workers.

Host Events For Team Building

One method for strengthening company culture is to host events which build teams. Examples of such events could be sports events, cookouts or philanthropic activities. These social occasions give employees the opportunity to get to know each other outside the workplace, which can strengthen chemistry while promoting openness for new ideas.

Build Communities Beyond The Workplace

Over 15 percent of employees stated during interviews that they wish they had more opportunities to get to know their co-workers. This can be tough to do at work since everything is formal and everyone must concentrate on their respective tasks. Creating communities beyond the workplace allow bonds to be created which encourage employees to develop relationships which are determined by personal interests.

Dine Together And Celebrate Accomplishments

One way to strengthen corporate culture is through celebrating the accomplishments of individual members. It allows each member of the team to be humanized and commemorates the various skillsets that exist within the firm. Some ways of celebrating accomplishments include posting a bulletin board within the breakroom which highlights recent accomplishments, as well as social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Celebrations don’t have to be restricted to professional accomplishments, and can be provided for personal things such as the birth of a new child. Achievements can also be noted during weekly meetings.

Encourage The Employees To Share Photos

Sharing photos is not something which should be restricted to friends and family members. Encouraging employees to share photos of them within the workplace can be a strong way to foster an inclusive culture by encouraging employees to interact. In some cases the photos may also serve as marketing or recruitment tools, as images often convey content which is moving and emotional.

Provide Interesting Employee Perks And Benefits

Since employees are responsible for producing the products or services which help their company thrive, they should all be given exclusive privileges which are not available to outsiders or even customers. One simple example of this would be a restaurant that allows employees to eat for free or for a very large discount not available to non-workers. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) could offer its employees discounted internet access or other perks not available to others. Other employee perks could include an employee wellness program.

A company which provides its employees with exclusive perks and benefits not available even to paying customers creates an environment where employees will feel a sense of pride at being members of the organization. These are a just a few of the ways in which company culture can be enhanced in a manner that will encourage employees to worker harder, more diligently and with a greater sense of pride and dedication.