How To Communicate Well With Millennials At The Workplace

How To Communicate Well With Millennials At The Workplace

Millennials have come of age, and many are now entering their 30s. They are distinct from previous generations in a number of ways, especially in the manner in which they communicate. While popular forms of communication in the past involved meeting face to face or talking over the phone, this generation prefers using social media, online chat, and email and intranet software. To maximize the performance of these workers while reducing turnover rates, it is important to recognize their styles and preferred communication methods.

Millennials Are Searching For Upward Mobility

This group is proactive when it comes to looking for employment opportunities. Communication between them and their employers will often determine when they’re ready to handle greater responsibility. Once these employees have worked for a company for one or two years their performance should be reviewed with a promotion offered if warranted.

Millennials Believe In Win/Win Situations

Because this group grew up with the internet, they are often better informed than their parents and grandparents. This is inevitable given their instant access to global information and news, something that was unavailable to previous generations. This also means that millennials have a greater understanding of how the world works and desire employment and business opportunities which are win/win rather than win/lose. Millennials want to know what’s in it for them, and many are looking for more than a steady paycheck. If you want to attract the best and brightest within this group the incentives must be alluring.

Millennials Want To Communicate Directly With Those In Charge

One key difference between millennials and past generations is their relationship with company leaders. While past executives and managers could be opaque while communicating indirectly with workers, this behavior today is considered passé and even demeaning. Being transparent and communicating directly creates trust with this group.

Millennials Love New And Cutting Edge Technology

One of the best ways to attract members of this group is to give them access to new or cutting edge technology. Millennials have a natural attraction and openness to new technology and are willing to try out virtually anything.

Millennials Embrace Availability 24/7

Millennials could be thought of as the “generation that rarely sleeps.” Even when they do often times their computers and electronic devices don’t. This generation has constant access to things such as social networks, software and email, and they have a preference for businesses and services with around the clock availability.

Face-to-Face Communication Is Not In Vogue For Millennials

While face to face communication is sometimes a necessity, it isn’t preferred by this group. There are many reasons for this, but it largely has to do with advances in technology. Meeting people in person often requires commuting and spending money on transportation.

Furthermore, it is more convenient to communicate electronically and work remotely where they can remain close to their families. Finally, communicating and working over the web often eliminates the judgmental attitude that people inevitably have when meeting others for the first time. In other words, millennials would rather be judged for the quality of their work as opposed to their physical appearance.