National Insurance Broker

  • Industry:Insurance
  • Number of Employees:Over 50
  • Location:California
  • Customer Since:2009

The Client

A full-service insurance brokerage firm located in California, this client hires more than 50 employees. The agency has won multiple awards for their work, both locally and nationally. They provide coverage to policy holders across the country.

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The Challenge challenges

The Challenge

Previously, the client obtained services related to payroll processing, human resources management and employee benefits from different service providers. This meant that their staff had to use different software systems to do the work.

The client wanted an all-in-one simple solution that could give their employees more control over their work lives.

They also believed that by having all the services sourced from a one-stop shop, the costs incurred would be less, and the learning curve could be better managed.

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The Solution

TRAXPayroll delivered a perfect solution with our cloud-based, self service software for payroll processing, time & attendance as well as employee benefits enrollment. We gave the client our promise that they would also receive great customer service whenever they ran into any issue pertaining to our software system.

The Solution solutions
The Results Results

The Result

The software launch went very smoothly. The client was able to benefit from a more streamlined work process in managing those different task areas. They were also impressed by our easy-to-use and intuitive system interface.

The management team had reported that they were able to review data and eligibility in a more comprehensive manner.

TRAXPayroll’s system allowed the client to implement company-wide guidelines on compensation easily. In addition, the client was very satisfied with our customer service, especially during an incident when we helped them to reverse direct deposits on the same day.

Above all, we helped them cut down their original costs by more than 50%. The client had indeed made a wise decision by obtaining a wide array of services from one source and achieved significant cost savings towards their operational costs.

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> 50%Cost Reduction
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Loyal Customer for 9 Years
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50 Employees and Growing

If you want to experience the power of TRAXPayroll’s software system, contact us today and find out what we can do for your business. Our products are scalable to any business size and we are sure that we can meet or exceed your expectations.

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