Healthcare Administration Service Provider

  • Industry:Tax & Benefits
  • Number of Employees:Under 50
  • Location:California
  • Customer Since:2009

The Client

This California-based client provides administration and compliance services for HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, POPs and COBRA. They also help their clients manage benefits administration through their online employer benefits enrollment platform.

Clients Clients
The Challenge challenges

The Challenge

This client initially used multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to calculate payroll and their incentive plans. Later on, as consolidating spreadsheets grew into a tedious and time-wasting task, this client tried a local payroll provider for payroll processing. They also needed to automate a complex quarterly incentive plan in which the plan rules and eligibility changed frequently.

However, the payroll management under the local payroll provider delivered many instances of inaccurate results, and the client felt that the money on payroll processing was not well-spent.

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The Solution

We pitched our payroll processing software system to the client and promised that our software system would be 100% accurate at all times. TRAXPayroll was also confident that our software system would allow the automation of the quarterly incentive plan and could accommodate a fast configuration of changes to their incentive plan. In addition, we gave our assurance that the client could enjoy a better customer service experience with TRAXPayroll.

The Solution solutions
The Results Results

The Result

After switching to our software system, the client was impressed that their payroll processing process had never experienced a single instance of inaccuracy. We were also able to help them automate the complex quarterly incentive plan while maintaining accuracy over the years.

Because the client had such a great experience working with TRAXPayroll and was convinced on the stellar quality of our software product, they went on to negotiate a deal with us to tap on our TRAXBenefits solution for their own clients.

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Accurate Software System
100% Accurate Software System
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Loyal Customer for 9 Years
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50 Employees and Growing

If you want to enjoy the best in payroll processing technology and experience 100% accuracy, it’s time you find out more about TRAXPayroll’s products and services. Talk to us today and let us turn you into another success story!

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