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The music industry is always expanding and TRAXPayroll can help your organization keep up by providing expert payroll and HR management software solutions. We have created a unique and very sophisticated software system which can streamline the payroll and HR processes which will save you time and reduce operational costs.

The TRAXPayroll web-based application is perfect for dealing with payroll management and employee benefit management processes for professionals in the music industry like DJs, producers, guitarists, drummers, studio directors, sound editors, singers, and others.

TRAXPayroll’s software system is also greatly beneficial for handling time and attendance management processes. Our products will reduce the likelihood of human error within your organization and allow your business to comply more easily with the ever-changing industry standards and regulations.

Our Payroll Solutions for the Music Industry


Our Time & Attendance Solutions for the Music Industry


Our Employee Benefits Solutions for the Music Industry


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Many of our music industry clients have already chosen TRAXPayroll’s unique software systems because we have the ability to tailor our services according to the specific needs of every organization. Our software systems are specially designed to be user-friendly and feature an intuitive interface.

It is our priority to ensure that every one of our clients is fully satisfied with our services and therefore, we have highly-trained customer service representatives ready to help if you encounter a problem while using our software systems or have any questions.

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