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Running an educational institution requires flexible leadership and TRAXPayroll is ready to lend a helping hand by managing the complicated payroll and HR tasks and processes. We offer quality payroll and human capital instruments which can meet each educational institution’s needs and requirements, regardless of its size or type.

TRAXPayroll has helped many organizations in the education industry manage the payroll and HR requirements of their professors, teachers, lecturers, tutors, administrators, security personnel and many other employees. We offer a valued partnership by helping you manage employee benefits easier while reducing paperwork and keeping the labor costs down.

Our tailored software solutions to your payroll and HR needs can improve productivity in your educational institution. TRAXPayroll’s quality software systems can easily be scalable whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees in your educational organization.

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TRAXPayroll understands that every educational institution has unique needs and requirements. We work closely with every client to provide customized solutions which can fit their particular budget. Our software systems feature an attractive and user-friendly interface, making your transition to TRAXPayroll’s products a smooth and stress-free one and our superior customer service department is always ready to help!

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