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Your Company Size Determines Your Labor Law Compliance

Labor law compliance

Sep 24th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Labor law compliance, no matter the size of your company, is essential. But did you know that the size of your company does determine your businesses’ compliance as far as labor laws go? Which labor laws you need to comply with can depend on how many employees are employed by your company. If you have more than 100 workers, for example, a multitude of laws apply. But if you have 14 employees or more, fewer may apply. Even if there’s only one staff member, any number of labor laws still apply. To be compliant with the labor laws that are applicable to your company, we have listed some guidelines.

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Are You Struggling With Employee Scheduling?

employee scheduling

Apr 20th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

While employee scheduling is simple when you’re dealing with a handful of employees, it can become more challenging as your business grows in size. Industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing and healthcare in particular are notorious for work days which are multi-shift, which can create challenges as staff availability and skills must be balanced with peaks in production or services, while keeping labor costs under control. Below are some reasons why automated scheduling will help you establish schedules which are both compliant and cost effective.

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Tips For Effectively Implementing Time and Labor Management Systems

time and labor management systems

Feb 10th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

When implementing time and labor management systems, it is important to have a clear plan as well as a qualified project manager who can oversee it. Due to the growing adoption of solutions which are cloud based, deploying these systems has become much easier in recent years. Below are some recommendations which will streamline the process further. Read More

How To Enhance Labor Management Procedures

labor management procedures

Jan 19th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Today’s business environment, irrespective of industry, is fast paced and continually fluctuating. This has made labor management a real challenge for many employers, as it requires a good mixture of performance, monitoring and reporting in a manner that can boost the productivity of the workforce. Below are some ways that businesses can enhance their labor management procedures in a constantly changing world.

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Why You Should Eliminate Manual Timesheet Records

manual timesheet records

Dec 14th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Believe it or not, some HR departments are still processing their timesheet records by hand. While this is common among smaller businesses, there are a number of downsides to doing so, and these disadvantages will become more serious as the company grows in size. Below are some reasons why you should phase out manual timesheet records.

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Why Your Business Needs An Online Time And Attendance System ASAP

online time and attendance system

Sep 28th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Some businesses may be reluctant to switch to an online time and attendance system, particularly those that have been in operation since before the internet was introduced. These businesses typically use traditional clocks where employees have to punch in manually. However, below are some key advantages you will gain by transitioning to the newer web based systems.

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Developing A Love Affair With Time


Sep 14th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Time is without a doubt one of the most valuable resources we have. Many things in life, including money, can be recovered if lost, but once time is gone it is gone forever. Those who want to succeed in life, in any endeavor, must learn to love their time and manage time in the wisest way possible. By doing this you will maximize your success and make life work for you rather than against you.

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Switch From The Traditional Punch Clock To Online Time Cards

online time cards

Sep 5th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

A time card of some type is a necessity for every business, as you must be able to record when your employees punch in and out. The hours they work must also be accurately recorded so it can be sent to the payroll department. In the past, many businesses used analog time cards, but today a growing number of businesses are switching to online time cards.

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Enhance Work Life Balance With TRAXTimeCard!


Jun 22nd, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Work life balance has become an important issue for many employees today. Employers have discovered that poor work life balance is a leading cause of stress and anxiety which erodes the productivity of the workers and in turn reduces the profitability of the company they work for. Companies which utilize tools such as TRAXTimeCard have been found to increase employee productivity while also helping them to achieve better work life balance.

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Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Workers For Time & Labor Tracking

time & labor tracking

May 30th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

There will be periods where time & labor tracking is a necessity for employees, even when they are paid by salary. Knowing the government rules and standards will better enable employers to utilize time tracking for workers who are non-exempt and exempt.

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