Business Size

TRAXPayroll takes pride in delivering top-notch services and intelligent software solutions to business of all sizes. Our services can be tailored to the size of your business, to help you deal with specific payroll and HR needs, as well as other labor management requirements. Our TRAXPayroll, TRAXTimecard, and TRAXBenefits packages offer ideal solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Small Business Solution

Even in the smallest of businesses, the amount of money, time and effort involved in handling all of the HR and payroll requirements can be overwhelming. Additionally, the necessity to comply and stay current with all the legal requirements can be burdensome and result in harsh penalties if not managed properly. Our TRAXPayroll software system helps you manage your payroll challenges and HR needs quickly, efficiently, and easily while keeping the operational costs of your business in check.

We recommend only the TRAXPayroll package for small businesses.

Midsized Business Solution

Medium sized businesses require sophisticated payroll solutions to handle the payroll needs of a bigger group of employees. Our software systems can be used with little to no effort by your employees and can provide vital information with just a few clicks. Whether you want to process PTO requests, view your general ledger or examine a consolidated bill, our services can give you full access to your business information quickly and accurately, saving you valuable time and money.

We recommend the TRAXPayroll package and the TRAXTimecard package for midsized businesses.

Large & Multinational Business Solution

It is paramount for large and multinational businesses to take advantage of our tailored and comprehensive payroll solutions. TRAXPayroll’s products will save you time, increase productivity, and help you comply with industry standards and regulations.

We recommend that large & multinational businesses make use of these three packages: TRAXPayroll, TRAXTimecard and TRAXBenefits.


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